How do I get access to the Knowledgebase?

If you aren't able to see the knowledgebase, and you're a Zone Customer, this is how to get access

Access to our Knowledgebase is controlled by account-based permissions. If you're not seeing articles other than in the introduction section, that means you don't currently have permission to access it assigned to your account.  If you're not a Zone Customer, the other sections of the Knowledgebase are unavailable. 

If you've received a link to the Knowledgebase via your site email, please either:

  • login to the browser you're currently using with the same account 


  • press the link in that email to change your access to the current email that you are logged in with

    Once your account is registered, you should see additional categories, like so:

If you haven't received an email, please reach out to us and one of our team can update your account to give you access.