Zone Laser Tag Europe B.V.


Zone Laser Tag Europe B.V is based in The Netherlands.
Our address is Bosserhofweg 2A, 5931 GW, Tegelen, The Netherlands
We service most areas of Europe.

Supported European Clients

If you are an European customer from any of the following regions:

- Germany
- The Netherlands
- Belgium
- Austria
- Poland
- Czechia
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- Hungary
- Croatia
- Greece
- Serbia
- Select other supported centres

then you may contact us by:

Method Contact
General Office Phone* +31 (0) 77 760 09 90
Administrative & Financial
Sales & Marketing
Part Orders / Purchasing Enquiries
Repairs & Warranty
Technical Support / +31 (0) 77 760 0990

* Although our primary communication method is email, you may contact us via Office phone for any enquiries you may have.

Overseas Clients

If you are not a supported European client, and are seeking technical support or other information, please contact your distributor directly.